Lubricants for technical plastics



Since 1993 we have striven to tackle the issue of the frictional behavior of thermoplastic plastics used in combination with externally added lubricants.

Among the key materials here are technical plastics such as PA, POM, PPE, PC, PBT, as well as ABS/PC or ABS/PA-based blends, which are used in applications for numerous technical construction parts e.g. in the automotive industry as well as a number of household appliances.

Some plastics have certain self-lubricating properties, which may preclude the need for lubricants on frictional surfaces at times. However, a lack of external lubrication often dramatically shortens the functional life of components or impairs their functioning from the outset.

In our technical application laboratory we analyze which lubricant combinations are compatible with which plastics and under which conditions, the nature of the resulting changes in properties and how best to formulate lubricants to optimize their environmentally friendly credentials and render them as harmless as possible for users.

Many of our customers impose special requirements on the lubricants they commission – individual challenges which we can meet with our range of products and customized items.

Our lubricants have successfully proved their worth in practical applications for many years.