We have been satisfying specialized lubrication requirements for over 20 years


1993 Karl-Heinz-Prochnow

15.07.1993 - Company founded by Dr. Karl-Heinz Prochnow




schmierfett 11994 - First product development of FD1 and LM9
Production commences in a converted double-garage with manual work

1997 - The customer base expands to become nationwide

1998 - Commencement of international business transactions


2004-Neubau-Beginn2004 - New construction of a modern company building in the Erfurt Kreuz industrial park




2004 Neubau-fertig2004 - Production commences on cutting-edge automatic machines




2006 Erstzertifizierung

2006 - Initial certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2000




2006 Gewerbeneubau Erweiterung

2006 - Capacity expanded with a new production hall




2008 Erweiterung-Portfolio2008 - Market introduction of the new FJ product series

Training of apprentices



ISO 9001-20082009 - Certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008




2004 Maschinen

2010 - Procurement of the latest devices (tribometer, dispersers)

2011 - Change of CEO: Christiana Prochnow becomes new CEO



2012 Rheometer2012 - Laboratory capacity expanded with the addition of premium laboratory equipment (rheometer, laboratory vacuum dissolver)




2013 Erweiterung-Portfolio2013 - Product range expanded (fluorescing lubricants, WP series, GP series)




2014 - Introduction of our PMM lub product series