Friction, wear, lubrication …

The special pastes and greases we produce and develop for a range of industrial applications meet the most stringent requirements. They are used in a diverse range of areas, whether it be automotive fields, for rolling and plain bearings, sliding bearings or screw threads.

Our products are developed in accordance with the latest tribological and rheological knowledge and meet all the demands imposed by our customers in terms of friction, wear and lubrication.


Additional advantages:

  • Not subject to labeling pursuant to Regulation 1907 / 2006 / EG (REACH)
  • Sliding pastes do not runon vertical surfaces or when used in overhead areas
  • Usable temperature range -40 to 140°C
  • High flash point
  • Exceptional oxidation stability
  • Non-toxic for humans and the environment
  • Low-emission and low-fogging formulation
  • Virtually odorless








Fluorescing modifications

Leveraging fluorescence for easier quality assurance

To facilitate checking for complete lubrication as part of the quality assurance of our customers, we developed fluorescing lubricants, which show up when exposed to beams emitted from a standard UV lamp (350 nm to 370 nm).

The pastes and greases in our product range can be customized to show up in shades of blue, yellow or red when exposed to UV light. This bonus feature does not have any impact on the tried and tested quality and characteristics of our products.

Fluoreszenz1 Fluoreszenz2