Our high-quality lubricating oils offer excellent wetting properties, which helps them spread over components easily. Moreover, positive viscosity/temperature characteristics also help ensure the oil-film viscosity remains constant and this makes them invaluable when use over a wide range of temperatures is required.


Our fluids come in a range of viscosity classes.

They help avoid squeaking friction noises and stick-slip effects, reduce friction and wear and are compatible with many standard silicons and plastics, including PA6 / PA66 (GF), POM, ABS, PC, PBT, PP, TPU and many more.


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Working range

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Slip-Fluid series

-40 bis 180 °C (1)

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(1) Other temperature ranges possible


 Example applications


  • Automotive
    » Kinematic parts: heating adjustment, ventilation control
  • Gears: low-speed electrical small gears with plastic/metal frictional surfaces, gears with very low sliding speeds
  • Sliding bearing: bearings with high stick-slip requirements
  • Rolling bearings
  • Screw threads, hinges and straps
  • Model-making
  • Seals