For when friction leads to destruction

Whether the problem is friction, wear or lubrication, tribological investigations aim to identify where friction-related energy and material losses occur and minimize them. The examination results can also be utilized to reduce operational downtime and losses, thus boosting the efficiency and service life of all machine components. Ultimately, this means reduced operational and maintenance costs for your machines.

We offer tribological tests for plastic-plastic, plastic-metal and metal-metal combinations with the following measurement parameters:

  • Measurement geometry: pin-on-disc principle; ball-on-disc principle
  • Mode: rotation; oscillation
  • Materials: amorphous plastics (ABS, PC etc.); semi-crystalline plastics (PA66-GF, POM, PP,...); metal (aluminum, chrome-6-steel, carbon steel etc.)
  • Lubrication/dry run


Tribologie1tribolo2We are also more than happy to take on individual assignments.